Wednesday, January 11, 2017

It's Here! The Focusing Series 2017 Workshop Series!

I spent much of 2016 reassessing the Focusing Series.  Last year, we were fortunate to have a single classroom location, Uforge Gallery.  As a Partner in Residence at the gallery, we had the added benefits of additional marketing, and a simple registration process on the gallery's website.  However, it was disappointing to see many of our offerings, especially the kick-ass ones like the How I Do It series pass by with only a small handful of artists participating.  With the October 2016 closing of Uforge Gallery, I decided to evaluate our strengths and weaknesses based on observation and feedback, and go with what works best for our team, and especially our students.

There's A LOT of education opportunities out there, far more than there were when The Focusing Series began five years ago. Podcasts, webinars, books, articles, blogs, plus lots of local workshops can be overwhelming.  Believe me, I know because-in an effort to keep the content of my workshops fresh-I attend workshops and read loads of material myself.  So, this year I decided to narrow our catalog down to the BEST of the best: These are the topics our team can teach with genuine knowledge and experience.  To further focus our mission, scheduled workshops will be hosted in a small-group setting in my Boston studio.  My studio is located in the Boston neighborhood of Jamaica Plain, and offers easy access via public transportation.  There is also off-street parking!

This year's schedule also includes Follow-Up Sessions.  A one-time Follow-Up Session will be scheduled by the workshop participants and instructor.  These sessions allow the participants time to absorb the original workshop, do their take-home exercises, and then return to share what they have learned.  The sessions will provide personalized, relevant next-steps to make the most out of the workshop and create authentic progression.

A few more "fun facts" about the Focusing Series:

  • Our workshops are for EVERYONE.  Seriously! No matter your professional or skill level, anyone interested is invited.
  • I bring years of experience as a solopreneur, small business consultant, and professional artist to the classroom.  This means any sort of solopreneur, small business owner, or artist can benefit from participating.
  • Our workshops are welcoming.  We realize being a solopreneur and/or artist takes a lot of heart and soul.  We offer a nurturing environment guaranteed to cultivate growth.
  • We know what we are talking about!  Not every instructor can honestly say that.
  • We are friendly!  Our mission is to come alongside you in a helpful and approachable manner.
Please click here for our 2017 Focusing Series catalog.  The scheduled workshops coming up this month (January 2017) are:

Create the Space for Creativity  Thursday January 19  6:30-8:30pm

GO with What You Got!  Monday  January 30  6:30-9pm

And as always, we love to bring our workshops to guilds, art associations, co-ops, groups, and educational facilities at the date/time/location of your choice.  Custom workshops can be created for you.  And all of our scheduled offerings can be booked as a private or semi-private workshop.  Visit us on Facebook, or contact us @ 617-955-3472 or

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you this year!
-Anna Koon, Director of the Focusing Series

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