Friday, June 7, 2013

The Focusing Series: Professional Development Workshops for Artisans, Craftspeople, Small Business Owners & Creative Entrepreneurs

Sponsored in part by Alternate Currents, Matt McKee Photography, and The Jamaica Plain Arts Council, The Focusing Series offers evening workshops, intensives, and two-day boot camps for creative entrepreneurs and small business owners.  If you want to take your business or career to the next level, or if you have always dreamed of transforming your creative endeavors into a business enterprise, this series is for you.

Classes are taught to a handful of students, which allows participants ample time to ask questions and share their thoughts.  We strive to personalize the learning experience so that each student will leave with a distinct plan for their future.

In addition to offering workshops, our team can support your career through their specific skills.  Matt McKee does fantastic photographing artwork and head shots. CPA Kathleen Robey helps artists with bookkeeping and taxes.  Scott Cipolla can assist with anything from logo design to marketing.  If you need administrative assistance or personalized guidance in taking your career forward, Anna Koon is a small business consultant and a creative coach.

The Focusing Series curriculum changes every year, with new classes being added to the schedule while others fall away.  New instructors come on board annually as well.  The workshops are taught as various locations around Jamaica Plain, HOWEVER we are happy to bring the workshops to you!
If your friends, coworkers, artist association or co-op wants to organize a workshop, coordinator Anna Koon is happy to help.  You can select the date/time/location. 

To find out more: 617-955-3472 or  You can also visit our Facebook page. To view the full schedule click here.