Friday, June 3, 2011

June Client of the Month

Every month I ask one of my long-time clients to write about their relationship with the artwork they've bought from me: why they bought it, where they display it, and what it means to them. 
An Office Affair
Client of the Month: Mark
I couldn't have said it better, so I left it to long-time client, Mark to write in his own words what Retro Girls mean to him.  Mark "works" with a gang of Retro Girls paintings.
"I enjoy Retro Girls because the series' name really is appropriate to the content of the pieces. When I look at them, I feel as though I'm walking around the art studios of New York in the late 1950s and early-to-mid 1960s. The paintings combine a level of starkness with modernity and for me, there is always a sense of hope in them."
"In my office, my Retro Girls -along with the necessary family photos placed in a different area- let everyone know that I have eclectic taste and that I'm not just like every one else.  When you think about it, the series promotes the individuality of its collectors."

"Anna's work is like a window in my presently non-window office. I have five paintings positioned in a cluster as if it were a window area. In August, I'm scheduled to relocate to a window facing office and it will prove interesting to determine where I place the pieces, but I have ideas already!"

"The Retro Girls are a bit polarizing at work. Some people find them fascinating and seem to get lost in the details while others find them too stark, bleak, and even depressing. Truthfully, if everyone had something positive to say about them, then I probably wouldn't have been drawn to them in the first place. Retro Girls and Anna's work in general, for me, seems to be more for the contrarian than the conformist."